Saturday, August 27, 2011

Painting for a Mission

 Today was a blessing for a few deserving Mothers, some really great kids and US! We spent the day Face Painting at the Long Beach Rescue Mission for a back to school extraveganza!
They had games, a bouncy house, food, deserts, cotton candy, popcorn and US! We painted little butterflies, batman masks, spiderman and his nemisis "Carnage", tons of flowers, the Hulk and much, much more.
 My kids came along with us to help out which actually they just ended up playing with the kids who live at the mission and had a good ol' time.
 My oldest son was the photographer for the day so, here are a few of his shots....

The Fire Department came to deliver new filled backpacks and the kids just thought that was SUPER awesome! Today was truly a blessing to ALL of us!! We can't wait to do it again!
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Poison Ivy Halloween makeup Tutorial

Here is everything I used to create this look. Happy creating! Watch the video, Please Subscribe, Rate and Comment!
TAG Lime Green
Bare Mineral ENVY eyeshadow
Custom made leaf split cake
Green glitter
Diamond FX Black
Diamond FX White
Loew Cornell 7000 Series #4 round brush
MAC 217 brush
1/4 Plaid One Stroke Brush
Robert Simmons E85 Round #1 brush

Find the Tutorial here for the Poison Ivy Headband

Poison Ivy Headband tutorial

This is the Step by Step Tutorial to make the Poison Ivy Headband I was wearing in my You Tube Tutorial for Poison Ivy Make-up.
You'll need the follwing supplies:
Fabric or craft glue
Hot Glue gun
Silk leaves
Green Ribbon
Thin plastic or metal headband
Yellow irridescent or green glitter

Step 1. Add a small dollup of hot glue to the inside bottom of your headband then, quickly press the end of your ribbon to line up with the edge of your headband.
Step 2. start wrapping the ribbon around your headband till you get to the other end. try to smooth and pull the ribbon tight as you go around each time.
Step 3. When you get to the other side add another dollup of glue and cut the ribbon to line up with the edge of your headband.

Step 4. Add a thin layer of glu to the edgde and center of your leaves. I just used my finger but, you could use a brush or q-tip.

Step 5. Sprinkle the glitter onto your leaves. Then shake off the excess onto a paper towel.

Step 6. Start hot glueing your leaves onto your headband. Try to squish the center of the leaves together to give the leaves a little height and texture.

 Watch the video here to see how I did the Makeup

Monday, August 22, 2011

Butterfly Fairy Tutorial

Frustrated by some of the "Make-up" tutorials out there today. I decided to create my own. It's really not necessary to use 10 different eyeshadows and 10 different eyeliners to create a wonderful Halloween or Mardi Gras mask. It's much easier and simpler to use cosmetic face paints.

In this Tutorial I used the following products:
Diamond FX Metallic Pink
TG pearl Lilac
DIamond FX White
Diamnod FX Black
MAC pigment in GOLD
MAC Pigment in Pearl Pink
Pink Cosmetic glitter
Loew Cornell 7000 series # 4

 You can watch the Video here: If you like it, Please rate,subscribe and comment on the video not here on my blog. If I get requests I will try to make more videos for you. Thanks for watching. Much Love, Shawna

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh Lucille..Ball, That is.

Lucille Ball would've been 100 years old today. She was a fantastic funny lady but, truly a beauty. Most people only saw her as the crazy charcter on the"I Love Lucy" show but, I saw her as an amazing beauty. Her make-up was always flawless and just gorgeous. Her Red lips full and worthy of trying to duplicate.Her flaming red hair, yup I've tried it and that flawless skin, well I'd like to know what her skincare routine was. As an artist and business woman she will always be an inspiration.
Happy Birthday Ms. Ball.

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