Monday, February 18, 2013

My inspiration to become a Makeup Artist

When I finally get to meet a fan or friend from one of my social networking sites like facebook, twitter or instagram one of the things I always get asked is what made you decide to become a Makeup Artist?

 And here is my answer....LINDA...Linda Evangelista that is. Back in the 90's she was the biggest thing since sliced bread. She was everything, Tall, beautiful, stunning and perfection. I remember buying Vogue and Harpers Bazaar magazines just to see what editorials Linda was in that week. I would take out the pages and post them on my bedroom wall. I was not a normal kid. I didn't have posters of boy bands or teen heartthrobs. I had magazine pages of Linda Evangelista. I loved Makeup and fashion and models. I still do today. I just have less time with three kids and a husband to drool over it now.

 I wanted to be thin all because Linda was thin, I wanted short hair because Linda had short hair, she dyed hers red and so did I, I even had platinum hair at one point because hers was platinum. She was so inspiring  to look at. Every editorial or Magazine cover was completely different. She was called the chameleon. I loved how her makeup or lack there of could totally transform her look.

 Little did I know that during those High School days I had found my inspiration to transform others. I would practice on myself. I would take a look I found in a magazine...mostly Linda's looks and try them out on myself. I became a master of recreation. I taught myself how to breakdown a look and remake it. This would become hugely important later on in my career as a face and body artist.

 I have a passion for beauty that blossomed during my High School years. I learned makeup the hands on way from working makeup artists. I've worked with High end clientele, Stars and everyday women but, it wasn't until after my third child that I found my true calling as face and body artist. Knowing both ends of the spectrum of beauty has me extremely busy now days and I wouldn't have it any other way. Cut my veins and you won't get red you'll see a rainbow!

Below are some of the magazine tear sheets that were my makeup inspiration.

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