Quick tips

Here are a few of my top makeup secrets for a fabulous look in no time.....

1. Sheer coverage from a full coverage foundation- On hot days or when you're just making a quick run to the store there's no need to wear your full coverage foundation or too look all made up. Simply take a small amount of your foundation (less than a pea size) and mix it into your favorite moisturizer with spf and voila you have a tinted moisturizer that matches your skin exactly and gives you light even coverage.

2. All over healthy glow- To get a quick pick me up look just add bronzer. I wouldn't leave home without it. Use it to contour and to add warmth/depth to your skin..Matte looks most natural and shimmer adds a dewy finish. Choose which works best for you.

3. Curl those lashes- The quickest way to make your eyes pop is to curl those lashes BEFORE mascara. If your lashes angle down naturally try using a waterproof mascara or gel based like Shu Uemura to keep that curl from falling.

4. Conceal- If you do nothing at all promise me you'll at least conceal those dark circles. Concealer makes all the difference and can transform the way you look in seconds. Just don't go too light or you'll highlight the problem instead of covering it.

5. Scrub your skin- Your makeup will only look as good as your skin does so start each morning with a light scrub a dub dub. Using a wash cloth is enough for some but, if your skin needs an extra boost try using Japanese washing grains or a little sugar from your pantry mixed with your favorite face wash and see how clear and smooth your skin will look.Here is a link to a great scrub you can make from home.
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