Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How do I remove face paint?

Oh how long are the lists of products and big debates on which way is the best way to remove face paint.

 I'm here to offer you my advice and help. You can take or leave but, I promise I will never steer you wrong. First, can we establish the fact that FACE PAINT is actually MAKEUP... whoa, did I just blow your mind? Take it in for a minute, digest it.. ok.. ready? Let's move on.

 Now, if you think logically for a moment the best way to remove makeup is to use makeup remover...correct? Yes.

 As a makeup artist I have tried soooo many makeup removers and in my professional opinion there are a couple of hands down winners.

My first choice is Neutrogena Makeup Wipes or (the Generic Target brand) and Neutrogena eye makeup remover. I tell my own clients including those with children to use a makeup wipe like Neutrogena  to remove most of the face paint (makeup) then, wash with a mild face wash or tear free shampoo. This method works beautifully and there is little to no staining even with the toughest Teals and Red colors.

My second choice is a more expensive but, a green choice and that is Josie Maran's Makeup wipes. These are slightly more expensive than Neutrogena and the Target brand but, is really a lovely product that removes almost all traces of makeup, dirt and oil. They leave the skin feeling clean and hydrated.

My third choice is a yummy cleanser from Philosophy called Purity made simple. I actually use a Neutrogena makeup wipe first then,cleanse with this cleanser and a wash cloth. All traces of makeup are removed and my skin is left feeling moisturized and comfortable.

There you have it in a nutshell. Makeup Wipe + Mild Cleanser = Awesomely clean, comfortable non stained skin.

If your client doesn't have these products you can recommend using coconut oil or almond oil on a cotton ball to remove traces of makeup after the skin has been gently washed with a tear free shampoo or facial cleanser.

 If you have a great,winning makeup removing method please feel free to share it here below.

Until next time...
Happy Cleansing my friends.

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