Thursday, November 25, 2010

10 beauty things I'm Thankful for.

 This is my Thanksgiving "IT" list. A list of things I couldn't be without thus, am THANKFUL for ; )

1. Make-up forever HD powder

2. Foundation in all shapes and sizes.

3. Mac lipglass especially dazzelglass

4. Shu Uemura eyelash curler

5. Yves Saint. Laurent  waterproof mascara

6. Concealer in all shapes and sizes

7. Shu Uemura 6OB brush

8. Lancome Artliner

9. Laura Mercier Golden rose glow illuminating stick blush

10. Bronzer in all shapes and sizes and forms

Hope you all have a BEAUTY filled Thanksgiving!

Gobble gobble,
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lancome dual finish powder dupe

 In the  land of dual finish powders Lancome has always remained at the top of my list. I always seem to go back even after finding a "new favorite" for some reason I just keep going back. Well, on my search for a less expensive version I decided to try L'Oreal's infallible never fail powder.

 Now,You may have noticed a trend here in the products I've been trying and yes, I am guilty of trying one line at a time and since I love Lancome I figured I may as well try L'Oreal considering L'Oreal owns Lancome. WHAT?! you didn't know that?! Well, now you do.

 Here are the similarities.
 1. They both offer sheer to full coverage. You can use them wet or dry which gives you a wide range of coverage options.
 2. The basic colors are similar. I wear Matt neutrale II  in Lancome and Nude Beige in L'Oreal.
 3. They are both mattifying.

Here are the differences:
1. Lancome packaging is larger and nicer. The L'Oreal packaging is smaller which is better for a small purse and I do like that the sponge is in a separate compartment so it can breathe but, I do not like that the packaging is on the cheap side.
2. The total amount you are given for Lancome is .67 oz 19 grams versus L'Oreal which is .30 oz or 8.5 grams. When you look at the total amount you are getting, $35 for Lancome vs $14 for L'Oreal you are still getting a better deal for the L'Oreal powder.

 All in all they are pretty much the same as far as feel and purpose although, the L'Oreal powder lasts longer throughout the day. So, If you're looking for a great dual finish powder and don't want to commit to a larger quantity of product then, I say try the L'Oreal infallible never fail powder.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

L'Oreal True Match blendable foundation Review

  Before I get started I want to let you know that I LOVE FOUNDATION in general. It could be because I don't think I have the greatest skin so, when I apply foundation and powder I feel like I have flawless skin and THAT makes me feel great!
  Now, that you know about my craziness let's get on with the review. I've been using the L'Oreal true match blendable foundation for a couple of months now so, I can give a better review of the product. I really like this foundation based on a couple of things.....
1. There are an abundant amount of colors ranging from warm to neutral to cool.
I personally am a perfectionist when it comes to matching my skin so, I ALWAYS fell like I'm in between colors. I usually buy 2 colors and have to mix which is what I did with this foundation as well. I picked W3 & W4 which stands for WARM level 3 and 4 or nude beige and natural beige.I really feel like the blend of the two is perfect for me.
2.  It gives a sheer to medium coverage.
This is great everyday  foundation for most women with average imperfections. If you want a fuller coverage I recommend using a powder foundation along with the foundation.There is a matching powder but I haven't tried that yet. I'm currently using Mac skin finish natural in medium plus.
3. Has an SPF 17.
This is good for everyday protection and is light enough that it really doesn't reflect back with flash photography.
4. It really is blendable.
I find that it blends very easily and doesn't feel like I'm wearing foundation. It looks great without a foundation primer but, I wouldn't recommend wearing it that way since, it's not a long wearing foundation.
Who can wear this?
This works well for normal skins or combination skin. If you have dry skin you'll still need a good moisturizer underneath and if you have oily skin you'll need to use a good oil control product underneath.
How much does it cost?
One of the GREAT things about this foundation is that it is VERY inexpensive. I purchased it for about $11.00 on a buy 1 get 1 half off deal so, it was about $16.50 for two 1 oz bottles. That's a GREAT deal!
Where can I buy this?
You can find this foundation at most drugstores or online through
Overall I'd rate this as a 4 star SHEER to MEDIUM coverage foundation.
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