Saturday, December 31, 2011

Glittery New Years Eve makeup tutorial

It's been a very long time since I have made a makeup tutorial for you so here is my last one of the year. I do hope you will enjoy it and make 2012 your year to sparkle and shine.....

1.We begin this look by adding a base to lock in your shadow for the rest of the night with "Cockerspaniel" from Bare Minerals. You can use a synthetic or natural haired brush for this. It really is your preferance.
 2. I have taken an off white shadow with a small amount of shimmer and added it to the inner corner of my eyes and just below the brow bone. Then, I used a silver shadow all over my lid but, not where I added the white.I used a small flat shadow brush to smooth it all out.
3. Now, I have added a bit of "smut" eyeshadow from Mac and mixed it with a rosey mauve eyeshadow from Lancome and have begun to define the outer corners of my eyes with a 217 or blending eyeshadow brush.

4. With the same brush I added a small amount of "carbon" black eyeshadow from Mac in the crease of my eye to create more definition then lined my eyes with a flat liner brush and the same shadow. Next, I added a bit of Duo glue to my lids where I wanted the glitter to stick. With my finger I patted on the silver rainbow glitter.
5. With a small lining brush and "blacktrack" gel liner from Mac I lined my eyes and rimmed them to create a more dramatic, defined line. It is important to do this AFTER you add the glitter or the glitter will stick to your eyeliner and it will look gray.
Here are the eyes after curling my lashes and applying false lash strips with a coat of mascara....

 6. Finally I finished off this look by adding a pretty pink blush "Escape and Lovely" from Bare Minerals, Highlighter in "Gossemer" from Bare Minerals to my cheek bones and down my nose and add a pinky nude lip with NYX lip liner in "Mauve", Lipstick from Revlon in "Pearl Pink" and lipgloss from Stila in "Kalidescope".

If you enjoyed this look please let me know by leaving a comment below. I may start making makeup tutorials as well as face painting tutorials in the New Year. Time to do something new.
 Have a safe and sparkly New Years eve!

Glittery love and New Years wishes,
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Stila Holiday Lipglaze set Review

As most of you may know I am a lip gloss fanatic! I LOVE lipgloss and am very particular about the glosses I'll use and/or add to my kit. Stila lipglaze is a hit for me!

Here is what I love about these:

1.They are for the most part sheer and shimmery wth the exception of one which is a bonus.
2.They last! Much like Mac lipglass ..note..The tackier a gloss is, the longer it will last on your lips. If you buy a sheer super slick gloss I can promise you it will NOT last long.
3. They are small enough to slip in a small evening bag.
4.This kit has a big range.
5. It was very inexpensive $25
 The only downside to these is the small amount in each container. It's only .05 oz which means the won't last long but, it's a great way to try a bunch of colors and decide which ones you'll want to buy in the larger size.Oh and the Holiday colors which are ALL my favorites are only available in this set : ( boooo...I hope so much that they will make these in the larger size because they are all stunning!

 I am totally sold on these. In fact I have even add them to my kit. I highly recommend buying sets like this at the holidays especially if you want to add a large range of colors in a brand of cosmetics that you like ie; lipsticks,eyeshadows (which can be de-potted), eyeliners, lipliners.

I bought this set at Sephora so, if you are thinking about buying it. I say go out and get it right away because these things DO NOT last at Holiday time. They make a great gift for a gal pal, a cute stocking stuffer from mom or a nice teen gift.

Here are a few Swatches of the colors you will get.
Best Sellers
Kitten(Shimmery nude),Starfruit (Shimmery Coral) Apricot(almost clear with a little sparkle) Grapefruit(Creamy nude pink) These are good staples in any lip gloss collection.
 Limited Edition Holiday
Dreamy (The perfect creamy nude),Fantasy (Melon with a bit of sparkle. Like Starfruit kicked up a notch.),Kaleidoscope (clear glitter with every color glitter you can think of! It's GORGEOUS!!) Believe (Sheer Red with Gold glimmer. Do you remember Spark from Chanel? This is a dupe.)

This is a 5 star set..I may need another just so I don't run out of my faves.

Happy Holiday Makeup Shopping,

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Monday, November 28, 2011

This weekend's face painting

I had the pleasure of painting about 35 guests in 2 hours at a local party and let me tell you it was a doozy. I was painting from 4pm to 6pm and with the time change it now gets dark around 5pm so they brought out lights and at one point a circuit broke and ALL of the power went out so, I was painting by the light of an ipad LOL!!
It also happened to be the day of the infamous USC/UCLA football game and as you can see there were a few USC fans.

 Here are some pics from the day.....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Zombie makeup for Halloween

Here is my Zombie boy. He has asked me every year if he could be a Zombie and now that his siblings are old enough not to be scared out of their wits I said o.k. This is what we came up with. It is a combination of makeup and face paint, latex and fake blood. This was very fun and gross to work on. I hope it inspires the artist in you. If your not into gore check out my simple, less scary Halloween looks for boys here.

Love and grossness,

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Video from Laura Kranitz Photo Shoot

Here is a quick video from a photo shoot I worked on for Designer Laura Kranitz shot by Lew Abramson.
The look she wanted was natural and American Apparel inspired makeup. Her accessories are amazing and fabulous! I hope you enjoy this little vid.
 Love and bling,

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Prenatal baby bumps

I think my favorite of all things to paint has got to be baby bumps. It reminds me of my own babies and how incredible it was to feel them moving inside of me...the rest of the experience was less fantastic ; ) but, still incredible.
 I've had the opportunity to paint a couple of bellies and here is the latest one...

 This was my first Sparrow and I think it turned out great. What do you think? I can't wait for my next one.
Love and baby bumps,

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sugar skull or Dia de Los Muertos makeup

Last year my very first face painting job was a Sugar Skull or Calaca which I have to say although I knew I could do it, I still had butterflies in my stomach and was nervous to try something new. This year however, I am very comfortable and confident in my skills and was excited to paint a few for Sugar Skulls for Dia de Los Muertos. I belong to lovely community of makeup artists and face painters and have drawn inspiration from my colleagues and hope you will be able to take inspiration from these.
Here are a few of the Dia de Los Muertos makeup jobs I had including one self portrait or painting LOL.
Love & Sugar Skulls,

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Body Painting number 1

This is my first ever body painting. It was very exciting to do and I learned a lot bout what and what NOT to do like..Do not use DUO eyelash glue to secure sequins because they STAIN the skin!!! I wish I had more time to finish but, I think it came out pretty good for my first one. I can't wait to paint another! Any takers?
 Book me through

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Painting for a Mission

 Today was a blessing for a few deserving Mothers, some really great kids and US! We spent the day Face Painting at the Long Beach Rescue Mission for a back to school extraveganza!
They had games, a bouncy house, food, deserts, cotton candy, popcorn and US! We painted little butterflies, batman masks, spiderman and his nemisis "Carnage", tons of flowers, the Hulk and much, much more.
 My kids came along with us to help out which actually they just ended up playing with the kids who live at the mission and had a good ol' time.
 My oldest son was the photographer for the day so, here are a few of his shots....

The Fire Department came to deliver new filled backpacks and the kids just thought that was SUPER awesome! Today was truly a blessing to ALL of us!! We can't wait to do it again!
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Poison Ivy Halloween makeup Tutorial

Here is everything I used to create this look. Happy creating! Watch the video, Please Subscribe, Rate and Comment!
TAG Lime Green
Bare Mineral ENVY eyeshadow
Custom made leaf split cake
Green glitter
Diamond FX Black
Diamond FX White
Loew Cornell 7000 Series #4 round brush
MAC 217 brush
1/4 Plaid One Stroke Brush
Robert Simmons E85 Round #1 brush

Find the Tutorial here for the Poison Ivy Headband

Poison Ivy Headband tutorial

This is the Step by Step Tutorial to make the Poison Ivy Headband I was wearing in my You Tube Tutorial for Poison Ivy Make-up.
You'll need the follwing supplies:
Fabric or craft glue
Hot Glue gun
Silk leaves
Green Ribbon
Thin plastic or metal headband
Yellow irridescent or green glitter

Step 1. Add a small dollup of hot glue to the inside bottom of your headband then, quickly press the end of your ribbon to line up with the edge of your headband.
Step 2. start wrapping the ribbon around your headband till you get to the other end. try to smooth and pull the ribbon tight as you go around each time.
Step 3. When you get to the other side add another dollup of glue and cut the ribbon to line up with the edge of your headband.

Step 4. Add a thin layer of glu to the edgde and center of your leaves. I just used my finger but, you could use a brush or q-tip.

Step 5. Sprinkle the glitter onto your leaves. Then shake off the excess onto a paper towel.

Step 6. Start hot glueing your leaves onto your headband. Try to squish the center of the leaves together to give the leaves a little height and texture.

 Watch the video here to see how I did the Makeup

Monday, August 22, 2011

Butterfly Fairy Tutorial

Frustrated by some of the "Make-up" tutorials out there today. I decided to create my own. It's really not necessary to use 10 different eyeshadows and 10 different eyeliners to create a wonderful Halloween or Mardi Gras mask. It's much easier and simpler to use cosmetic face paints.

In this Tutorial I used the following products:
Diamond FX Metallic Pink
TG pearl Lilac
DIamond FX White
Diamnod FX Black
MAC pigment in GOLD
MAC Pigment in Pearl Pink
Pink Cosmetic glitter
Loew Cornell 7000 series # 4

 You can watch the Video here: If you like it, Please rate,subscribe and comment on the video not here on my blog. If I get requests I will try to make more videos for you. Thanks for watching. Much Love, Shawna

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