Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lancome dual finish powder dupe

 In the  land of dual finish powders Lancome has always remained at the top of my list. I always seem to go back even after finding a "new favorite" for some reason I just keep going back. Well, on my search for a less expensive version I decided to try L'Oreal's infallible never fail powder.

 Now,You may have noticed a trend here in the products I've been trying and yes, I am guilty of trying one line at a time and since I love Lancome I figured I may as well try L'Oreal considering L'Oreal owns Lancome. WHAT?! you didn't know that?! Well, now you do.

 Here are the similarities.
 1. They both offer sheer to full coverage. You can use them wet or dry which gives you a wide range of coverage options.
 2. The basic colors are similar. I wear Matt neutrale II  in Lancome and Nude Beige in L'Oreal.
 3. They are both mattifying.

Here are the differences:
1. Lancome packaging is larger and nicer. The L'Oreal packaging is smaller which is better for a small purse and I do like that the sponge is in a separate compartment so it can breathe but, I do not like that the packaging is on the cheap side.
2. The total amount you are given for Lancome is .67 oz 19 grams versus L'Oreal which is .30 oz or 8.5 grams. When you look at the total amount you are getting, $35 for Lancome vs $14 for L'Oreal you are still getting a better deal for the L'Oreal powder.

 All in all they are pretty much the same as far as feel and purpose although, the L'Oreal powder lasts longer throughout the day. So, If you're looking for a great dual finish powder and don't want to commit to a larger quantity of product then, I say try the L'Oreal infallible never fail powder.

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