Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Face painting designs

This Christmas I have created a few new face painting and Makeup designs to share with you. I like to create a design then, do different versions of it. Maybe one for women and girls, one for Men and Boys and a fast version of all of them. It's always great to have some quick ones in your back pocket for the faster paced gigs. Some of these were designs I wore to my gigs and other's were painted on my clients. I was just lucky enough to capture a few of the designs I painted to share with you here.

Anyway I hope you are able to draw inspiration from these to create your own Christmas Face Painting designs. I Hope you are blessed this Christmas season and have a great Christmas Day with your family and friends.

Women's Christmas Elf design
Women's Christmas Bulbs design
 Girls Christmas Tree Mask face painting
Women's poinsettia Mask face painting design
Girl's Angel Wings Mask face painting
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