Friday, February 20, 2015

Horse/Pony Step by Step tutorial

It's been a while since my last tutorial. I posted a question on my facebook page the other day and asked what "On the job" designs do you still struggle with? Horse and Unicorn were the overwhelming majority winners so, I put together my version of a Horse or Pony face painting design for you.

 I used the following products:
Cameleon Retro Colorblock with a 1/2 inch brush. I picked up just a little bit of the brown on the edge of my brush to give an outline to my design,Then I added white lines with my #3 round brush and finished with black on a #3 round as well. Starbursts and dots just glammed up the design a little to make it slightly more feminine and girlie.

If you are interested in learning more "On the Job" Style designs from me leave me a message here or email me at  to come teach in your city. I always give handouts, guides and in some cases include step by step sheets for you to keep and practice after my class is over.

This is a freebee and just a sample of things you can learn in my classes.
Feel free to print and use at your next event. I only ask that you do not sell it as your own.

Happy Painting my friend.
Shawna D.

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