Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review...Just Bitten lip marker

I've always loved coloring inside the lines. Even now as an adult I can still get my coloring fix! I've stumbled across super mom friendly makeup... just what is "Mom friendly makeup"? It's makeup that stays on YOU and not on your kids.

I tried a brand new product by Revlon. A marker or stain for your lips called Just Bitten. Here's what I love about it....

1. The colors are pretty true to the tube. That being said I chose "Gothic" which is a true red. I mean very, very red. I'm either a red lip gal or a nude lip gal. I haven't tried the nude colors so let me know what you all think if you decide to try them.
2. It comes with a lip balm, which is great because that's one less item I need to carry in my purse.
3. Once it's on it's not coming off, not even if you rub really hard. I had mine on all day until I ate a salad with oil and vinegar dressing but, even then the stain of color was still there. You pretty much need to scrub with a toothbrush and toothpaste to get it off.
4. I could kiss my kids and not worry about getting lip gloss or lipstick all over them.
5. The price was just right . It was about $8.00 which is a good drugstore price and even better than department store prices which can be up to $24.00

Here's what I didn't like about it....
 The only thing I didn't like was the packaging. I felt like it was a little too big for the amount of product and it really does look like a kids' marker but, I could get over that based on the price alone.

 I was a department store makeup snob for many years but, now with the economy the way it is I've learned that I can find equivalent items from the drugstore. Of course there are still quite a few things that can only be found in a department store but, for the most part there are some really great products out there for a great price.
 If you would like more posts like these please comment below and let me know so, I can bring you more "Drug store cowgirl reviews"  ; )

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