Friday, August 10, 2012

Fall & Winter 2012 Eyebrow trend report

Burberry Beauty 2012

FINALLY!!! Full eyebrows are back! I have been waiting for this to be a trend again. There is nothing uglier than the bleached , no eyebrow look. Yes, fashion forward and interesting to look at but not reasonable for everyday women.
 The same goes for stamped eyebrows and thin drawn on eyebrows. Your eyebrows should still be on your face even after you wash it. If you can't go swimming because your eyebrows might come off then, there is something wrong with this picture. It doesn't look natural to see eyebrows trimmed within an inch or millimeter of their life. Let them grow I say. Free yourself from the dreaded pencil thin eyebrows!
If your eyebrows look like any of these then, let them grow! let them grow! Have them cleaned up by a pro and leave em alone! Back away from the tweezers my friend, back away.

This is what your eyebrows should look like...Beautiful, full & framing your face. If your eyebrows look like this then, my friend you are on the right track.

Christian Dior Fall 2012
Stella McCartney Fall 2012
Roberto Cavalli Fall 2012
Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012

Drop the tweezers and back away from the mirror slowly. Leave them alone and let them be natural. It's OK to tweeze little strays but, stay away from the top of your brows. Invest in some brow gel to keep them in place while growing them out. Your friends will love you for it.
And darlings remember what I always say "We PLUCK Chickens, we TWEEZE eyebrows".

Happy untweezing!,

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