Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Face and Body Painting Classes and Workshops

When I was in college many, MANY moons ago I was going to school to be a music teacher. It was during this time that I took a job at a Makeup counter and my life headed in another creative direction. I decided one day I would like to gain enough knowledge to help guide and teach makeup artists by becoming a Trainer for a cosmetic company. I really do love guiding and teaching people to gain new skills that will make them feel empowered and improve their ability to create and connect to their canvas..."other people".

 Through my own artistic journey over the past year I have come to a place where I needed to do something different, something outside of my artistic box and realized that if I was going through this how many other artists are going or have gone through this too and that is how my latest Creative Beauty workshop formed.

 In my latest fusion beauty (where beauty makeup meets Art and face paint) workshop I not only teach you the fundamentals of beauty but, I teach you how to think outside of your own artistic box, how to dig deeper to find something new inside that you didn't even know existed. I had 14 ladies join me in the first creative beauty workshop and ALL had breakthroughs. It was so amazing to watch and even more amazing to hear all of the positive feedback.

 I am really looking forward to taking this workshop and a few of my other skill building workshops on the road across the U.S. this year and abroad in 2018.

 A few of the cities and areas that are in the works right now are:

San Diego, California

Northern, California

The Bay Area, California

San Antonio & Dallas, Texas

Madison, Connecticut 

New Jersey

Costa Rica


The Netherlands

New Zealand

Once dates and times are confirmed they will be posted here as well as on my website and social media.

If you are interested in hosting a fusion beauty workshop in your area please email me at shawna@shawnadmakeup.com and don't forget to subscribe on my website to be notified when a new city is added to my calendar.

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