Sunday, January 29, 2017

San Diego Workshops 2017

I'm so excited to be teaching in Beautiful San Diego. I made a trip down last year and wished I had stayed longer so this year I've decided to offer a 2 day workshop.

  Start of your two days of learning by moving through proper canvas prep. Learn basic skincare troubleshooting, Foundation matching and beauty makeup fundamentals.

Then get prepared to move onto thinking outside of the box in terms of design. We will do this through the use of powder pigments and water activated makeup products together to create soft yet impactful and creative designs sure to impress any crowd.

The following day is a continuation of day 1 however now we will get ready to sparkle and shine. In this workshop I will teach how to use traditional Beauty Makeup, Face Paint and Glitter to create beautiful glamorous looks. 
 Now that you have learned to prep your canvas we will move onto precision work. Learn the importance of color placement, layering and Glitter application throughout the day with beautiful photo worthy masks and eye looks.

 If you have never taken a workshop with me be prepared to learn tons of new information and get your hands on. You will paint and apply makeup in both classes.

You can sign up for my face paint workshops here

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at
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