Thursday, December 16, 2010

Frame your face

~ Your eyebrows and cheeks create the frame of your face so, if these two things are not done your look will not be complete. Follow these two basic steps to create a more pulled together look instantly.

Full eyebrows? a little powder to fill them in and a clear brow gel to comb and set them in place will be enough to make them look pulled together but, do make sure that any stray hairs are tweazed so your eye area will look clean.
Little or no eyebrows? Then you could benefit from using a brow pencil -
Blondes- Use a shade darker than your hair color.
Brunettes-Use a shade lighter than your hair color.
Redheads-Same rules apply.. If you are light red then, go darker. If you are dark red then, go lighter.
Choosing a cheek color can be overwhelming with so many choices but, it doesn't have to be. I have found that almost ANY color skin can wear a pinky mauve and look fabulous! Just a light dusting slightly below the cheekbone and up toward the temples works like magic every time.

 These are basic tips. Of course you can go all out with your blush and use a highlight and contour as well but, who has all the time for that? Try doing these two steps alone next time you're in a rush and you'll see just how much better your look will be.
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