Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years eve Make-up tips

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Is it really necessary to go all out for New Years eve? Why YES it is! I'm only speaking to you single folk who don't spend your New Years eve with kids like we mom's do. I get to sit back and relax in my p.j.'s while sipping on hot chocolate (My last for a long time since, I will be starting a diet after New Years) and watch the wig drop on "Watch what happens live!" Yes, of course my kiddos will be in bed already because they never last til midnight anyways, so my husband and I can enjoy all the shenanigans all by ourselves.

 Well, if you're single sans children here are a few tips to ensure there will be no one turning into a pumpkin at midnight.......
1. Use a primer before your foundation: Your make-up will look smoother and last longer.
2. Use a cream blush as a primer: add a touch of powder blush over your cream blush for a longer lasting flush.
3. When in doubt go waterproof: I don't endorse passing out drunk at the party but, should you go a little too far and have to spend the night somewhere your make-up will last through the night and you'll still look fab in the morning if you go waterproof.
4. Use a long wearing lipstick: There's nothing uglier than ring around the mouth so, use a long wearing lip stain or lipstick...your lips will last through that strike of midnight kiss and you'll thank me for it.

I hope these prevent any late night mishaps for you fabulous children-free people and for all of you staying at home with your kiddos enjoy your hot chocolate and think of me LOL!

Wishing you ALL a prosperous and Beauty-FILLED New Year!

Love and kisses,
Shawna D.

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