Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Body Shop Body Butters

After all these years I'm still in love with the body butters from The Body Shop. Many, many moons ago I got my start in beauty working for a small company who still marked prices on their product with a price gun. I fell in love with the products and still to this day enjoy going into their shops and picking out delicious products that not only do I love but, my whole family loves.

 If you haven't experienced a body butter it's a real treat. It's a thick body cream that just melts onto your skin with the ultimate in hydration and leaves behind a fantastic scent. No perfume needed after applying these in fact this is all I wear. Shortly after these came out The Body Shop made shower gels to match so now you can start the experience in the shower by layering your scent as you go. I wish they made matching shampoos and conditioners! Hint Hint to The Body Shop if your listening.

 Here is one of the original body butters... Brazil Nut is yummy! It has a sweet, warm, nutty  fragrance and works excellent for anyone with normal to dry skin. Still one of my faves for the cooler months.

This one I discovered last year and is my all time favorite. It smells just like a freshly squeezed grapefruit. Sweet and refreshing. Must have for summer time.This is great for normal skin types.

If you love Citrus then this one is gonna get you! Fresh, clean and vibrant. I love Lemons!!! In fact here's a great lemon at home scrub you can make with stuff you probably already have in your pantry. Great for normal to dry skin
And here is the yummiest of all. Who doesn't love strawberries? This one takes me back to being a little girl and playing with my strawberry shotcake doll. My daughter just loves this one too! Great for normal to dry skin.
There are many more scents available but, these are just my picks. They come in a travel size if you just want to try it out. That's what I do when I just can't decide however, the travel size goes so quickly I end up back in the shop to pick up the regular size!

Stay cool and Hydrated this summer,

Shawna : )
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