Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 1 -25 Days of Christmas Face painting

Hello everyone,
I am very excited to start this challenge. If you do not know about this challenge please read this post first. 25 Days of Christmas Face Painting challenge

I thought I would start off with some cheek art designs. Mickey Mouse inspired this design. I have always wanted to take my kiddos to Disneyland for Christmas. We were planning to do that this year but, we ended up having to buy a new car so for now I can just dream about it and hopefully make it happen next year.

Don't forget to post your designs on Twitter, instagram, facebook or your own blog with the Hashtag #25daysofchristmas, #designoftheday, #shawnadmakeup

Here is my first design for the 25 days of Christmas face painting....

Merry Painting,
Shawna D.
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