Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Choosing the right Red Lipstick for you

Red lipstick is a classic. It's a color that EVERY woman can wear and feel confidant, sophisticated and beautiful in. Finding the right red is the challenge.
 No matter what color skin tone, hair color or eye color you have there is a red lipstick out there for you.
 You just need to know what the undertone in your skin is to pick the right shade of red. For example if you have a warmer or yellow undertone then picking a red lipstick with the same tone or a red orange will look the most natural on you and if you have a cool or pink undertone then you should look for a blue red.
This picture of Jessica Alba is a good example of a blue red on a warmer skin tone.
 This picture of Scarlett Johansson is a good example of a red orange  lipstick on a warm or neutral skin tone.
 A blue red lipstick will look good on ANY skin tone but a red orange will usually look like a BIG contrast on a woman with a pink or cool undertone.
Here are a few tips for looking great in red:
1. ALWAYS wear a neutral eye with a strong lip. Lot's of mascara and neutral shadow are a good mix.
2. Choose a long wearing formula ( no one likes ring around the lip)
3. Wearing a neutral or nude lip liner with red will ensure a more natural looking lip.
4. Wearing a matching red lip liner creates a perfect looking lip.
5. Make sure your teeth are white. Some reds can make your grin look more yellow.
6. When in doubt ask a professional to help you out. Stop by your favorite make-up counter and ask to see a make-up artist. (remember not every gal behind the counter is an artist)
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