Monday, September 20, 2010

Mac Concealer dupe

On my search for a lightweight, medium coverage concealer I have found the Mac select Moisture cover Dupe at the drugstore.

L'Oreal makes a great concealer called True Match Blendable concealer and I have to say that these feel and look exactly the same.

Here are the similarities...
1. They are great for around the eye area because they don't settle in the lines
2. They are great for minor spot coverage for the face.
3. They both can even be used as foundation in a pinch.
 4. They are both super blendable.

The main difference between them is the color range and price.

I actually prefer the colors to the L'Oreal concealer (9 colors) but, Mac does have a larger range of color. (15 colors). The Mac concealer is $16.50 and the L'Oreal concealer is about $8.00. So if you are a die hard Mac fan but wanna save a few bucks try the L'Oreal true match concealer. I bought them for my kit on a buy 1 get 1 half off sale so that's like saving 25 % what a deal!

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