Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Make-up preview tips for Brides

Getting married is suppose to be the most exciting time of your life and finding a Make-up artist you just mesh with is icing on the cake. Here are a few tips to make the best of your make-up preview.

1. Talk to your artist about your expectations for the day of your wedding.
Do you expect your artist to stay with you through the ceremony and through pictures? or do you need her to stay through the entire wedding for touch ups. Some artists book more than one client in a day so knowing this ahead of time will ensure there are no surprises.
2. Let your artist know ahead of time of any allergies or reactions to certain products.
  This is one thing most clients don't think to let their make-up artist know until they are already there and knowing this in advance means your artist can leave those products out instead of bring them with them.

3. Bring along pictures of make-up looks you like.
 The way an artist speaks about make-up can sound like a foreign language to some so bringing along a picture helps. Just remember to find a picture of someone with similar skintone, hair color and eye color. If you choose a look on someone who looks completely different than you. You can bet the make-up will look completely different as well.

 4. Make sure to tell your artist what you DON'T want.
 This is just as important as knowing what you DO want and will prevent having to re-do a make-up look. For example an artist may ALWAYS use black eyeliner but you may hate black eyeliner. Telling your artist in advance will ensure there won't have to be a re-do.

 5. Have a favorite product? Bring it along.
 Most make-up artists have no problem using your favorite product as long as it works for the look you want.

 6. Wear white or off white.
Wearing the color of your dress will give you a better idea of what your make-up will look like with your dress on.

7. Make your appointment for the same time of day you'll be getting married.
 Your make-up will look different in daylight compared to dusk so having your preview done at the same time of day will give you a better idea of what your make-up will look like on the day of your wedding.

8. Remember it's about what you like NOT what your whole family likes.
 Sometimes bringing along Aunt may, Grandma and Mom can be sabatoge. They may all have different opinions on what a bride should look like and that in turn could sabatoge your appointment. Instead have someone there who has the same taste as you and who will support your opinions. Your appointment should be fun and enjoyable.
9. Keep your budget reasonable for your hair and make-up artist.
 If you expect to look like a Mercedes expect to pay for a Mercedes. If you want the best you'll have to pay for it. Remember this when budgeting for hair and make-up as these are the two most important pieces of the puzzle next to the dress. If you go in knowing this you won't be surprised when your artist tells you how much it's going to be.

 10. Take pictures.
Take a few pictures to remind yourself later on of what you'll look like. It also helps to document your journey to becoming the most beautiful bride ever!

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