Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Makeup removal cloths review

Okay, I'm the first to admit that I have on occasion slept in my makeup....YUCK! I know but, that's what happens when your chasing after 3 kids all day and fall into bed at 12:00am. Not to fear though, the answer to my problems of exhausted mommy syndrome is found in a pretty blue package called NOXZEMA makeup removal cloths. I have tried many cleansing cloths from Mac which WAS my favorite but left my skin feeling greasy to drugstore brands which never did a great job at removing waterproof makeup. I love these because I can sit down on the couch and watch Rachel Zoe and get a great scrub down all at the same time.

 I have to say these are a thumbs up in my book. Not only do they remove ALL of my makeup but it has that wonderful Eucalyptus scent and slight tingle that just makes your skin feel clean but not stripped.You don't even need to wash your skin after using these. You can put your night treatment on and hit the hay. It is safe to use around the eyes but, if you have extremely sensitive eyes or skin these may not be for you.

The only downside to this product for me was that it only comes in a package of 25 for about $3-$5 depending on where you purchase them. Since I use these everyday I need more than one pack for a month. Other than that these are a permanent part of my skincare routine and Noxzema if your listening PLEASE make a larger size!
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