Monday, January 20, 2014

Face Paint and Makeup Brushes Review (Makeup Monday)

Last week there was a buy 1 get 1 free sale on La Corneille brushes at Michael's Arts and Crafts store so, I thought I would try out a couple new brushes. This is the best time to try new brushes from other brands. I typically use Loew Cornell Goldgrip rounds and liners, Athena Filberts and Royal and Langknickle flats.

My opinion on the #6 round is that while I do love the flexibility of this brush I feel as if it is a tad too long for the thickness. Making it a bit harder to control.

The #10 filberts are smooth and work like a dream. They are tapered just enough but, not too much. I will definitly be repurchasing these.

The #1/8 Angular brushes will be used not for face painting but for gel eyeliner in my makeup kit. I have used these before and they have replaced my expensive Bobbie Brown eyeliner brushes.

After playing with these brushes for a while I'm still gonna stick to my Goldgrips and if I can find them, the Loew Cornell 7000 series rounds (Micheal's no longer carries these). I do however, like the La Corneille Filberts. They are very comparable to the Athena filberts.

Pricing: La Corneille #10 filberts $10.99 Compared to the Athena $10.00
           La Corneille #6 rounds $7.19
           La Corneille #1/8 Angular $5.49

I have given you an example of the brushes and brushstrokes you can create with them below.

La Corneille #10 filbert, La Corneille #6 round and La Corneille 1/8 Angular (These are used for gel eyeliner in my makeup kit)
These examples were created with the La Corneille #10 filberts

These examples were painted with the La Corneille #6 rounds

*Disclaimer: All the items in this review were purchased by me. These are only my opinions.

Happy Painting,
XOXO Shawna D.


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