Monday, January 13, 2014

Horse and Unicorn face painting #Makeup Monday

 Painting a Horse or Unicorn is a highly requested design at most parties or events and not every child or guest wants a full face design. I actually prefer not to paint full face designs but, that's just me. Of course if someone asks I will do it but, these are the types of designs I prefer to paint.
I really enjoy painting arms and foreheads. This horse would be lovely on the cheek or arm as well as this unicorn.

I used a basic horse face with one stroke technique then, added in the eye and hair details. You could always add more or less details based on the event or amount time you have.

I feel it is important to continue to refine your skills and practice your designs whenever you can so you always have something in your back pocket to pull out when the request arises. Of course you will mainly paint the staple designs but, it's always good to be prepared.

For these designs I used the following products:
HORSE: Wolfe Skin Palette, Wolfe Black and Cameleon White
UNICORN: Tag pearl yellow, Mehron Gold metallic powder Cameleon White, Aqua Bond's Multi Color rainbow cake, 
BRUSHES: #10 flat, 3/4 inch flat, #4 round, #1 round

Happy Painting XOXO,

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